“Food is my passion and the way I share my Love with the World”

I have always been asked “Why the Food is my first love”, and “Why I want to share it with the world”.  The true answers were revealed several years ago when I was asked to write about my culinary experiences by my good friend and author, Lorna Owens.

When the title of the book “Everyday Grace, Everyday Miracle: Living the life you were born to live” was released and I saw my story in the chapter called “Food for the Soul”; this globe trotting chef was humbled.  It was then I knew I shared the vision of many Top Chefs in my industry.

The name of the book and the tile of the chapter are my story and the story behind what we do every day at The Miami Scene Food Group.  Giving this, it is little wonder Miami Scene Food Group has been a driving force connected to only successful ventures.  This trend setting group has the knowledge to elevate your project to the next level.  Our service has that personal touch.
We look forward to hosting your next culinary experience.

Warmest Culinary Regards,
Chef Stefano La Cava

Food for the Soul