Jul 27

Stefano is hosting a premiere Food & Wine Festival entertained by French Tuesdays at Club Med Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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Highlights of the week


  •  Sunday, September 27th: Welcome to a Week of Sophisticated Fun. 
  •  Monday, September 28th: Senses of the Mediterranean 
  •  Tuesday, September 29th: Something Green
  •  Wednesday, September 30th: The Best of Brazil
  •  Thursday, October 1st: Discover the Dominican Republic
  •  Friday, October 2nd: The Caribbean: Tuquoise, Tropical, & Lobster
  •  Saturday, October 3rd: A Day in White


    Sunday September 27th

    Sunday September 27thWelcome to a Week of Sophisticated Fun. Welcome to Club Med Punta Cana!

    Our goal for you is to create your perfect getaway, exemplifying the hospitality of the Caribbean while satisfying your every vacation needatisfyi. This is the perfect day to get to know your amazing G.O team and other “foodies” that have arrived in this paradise. Start to discover the F&W Festival this evening at the“meet & greet” open cocktail at the Celio Bar & Lounge entertained by French Tuesdays.

    Program of the day

  • Meet & Greet cocktail at Cielo Baar & Lounge
  • Inaugural event entertained by French Tuesdays at the Cielo Bar & Lounge featuring a special guest DJ 
  • Monday September 28th

    Monday September 28thSenses of the Mediterranean.

    The ever-changing flow of guests and festive air of celebration combine to make each and every day a one of a kind event. Multiculturalism and conviviality take the spotlight of today’s festivities where traditional and fresh new ideas come together to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


    - Cooking Demo by Jean Michel Bergougnoux from l’Absinthe in NYC at 11am
    - Mechoui Party on the beach 
    - Celebrity BBQ on the beach with special guest grill masters, Ted Reader from Toronto and Tim Grandinetti from Winston/Salem at 12 Noon
    - Mini chefs 
    - Feast of 1001 nights at the Samana Marketplace 
    - Cooking Demo with guest chef Leandro Diaz at 7pm 
    - Signature Wine Pairing Dinner* with Celebrity Chefs Russel Cunningham & Pascal Messier
    - 1001 nights Lounge Party in the Palm Garden: French Tuesdays will make you experience 1001 nights in Heaven with our Turkish DJ AYKUT from San Francisco 

    Tuesday September 29th

    Tuesday September 29thSomething Green.

    Today we celebrate the joy of re-connecting with our planet, strengthening local and global ties, and building new friendships and relationships through exciting activities that are all part of this totally immersive “go green” experience. 


    - Cooking Demo with guest chef Philippe Ferret from Brasserie Julien in NYC at 11am
    - Mini chefs 
    Wine and Cheese Pairing Seminar (More Info) Hosted by Lionel Gallula and Moshe Cohen
    - Cooking Demo with guest chef Juancho Ortiz at 7pm
    - Signature Wine Pairing Dinner* with Celebrity Chefs Sean Bernal & Nicolás Frigerio 
    - Ibiza lounge by French Tuesdays
    - French Tuesdays After hours party with DJ Jean Michel from NY featuring European house music

    Wednesday September 30th

    Wednesday September 30thThe Best of Brazil: the excitement shifts into high gear today as we celebrate the senses of Brazil.

    We’ll dazzle your senses with surprises, creating new experiences that constantly exceed your expectations. Our goal is to put a smile on your face at every opportunity. 


    - Churrasco Party at the beach accompanied by special Batucada musicians
    - Cooking Demo with guest chef Louis Francois Marcotte at 7pm 
    Beer and Cheese Pairing Seminar (More Info)
    - Signature Wine Pairing Dinner* with Celebrity Chefs Matthew Zubrod & Ramiro Viera
    - French Tuesdays Lounge 
    - Belvedere and Caviar After Hours “Carnival” (More Info) Hosted by French Tuesdays at the Celeste Bar and Lounge 

    Thursday October 1st

    Thursday October 1stDiscover the Dominican Republic

    Discover the many marvels of the Dominican Republic and the generous spirit of the local cultures & customs as you explore our world of wonder.


    - Cooking Demo with guest chef Lilia Sánchez at 11am
    - Dominican Luau on the beach 
    - Mini chefs 
    - Cooking Demo with guest chef Dianna Munne at 7pm 
    - Aperitif with Rum tasting and Cigar exhibition 
    - Signature Wine Pairing Dinner* with Celebrity Chefs Giancarlo Bonarelli & Carlos J. Estevez
    - Late night unique Dancing party at the beach (the French Tuesdays way)
    - French Tuesdays Dominican Lounge Party 

    Friday October 2nd

    Friday October 2ndThe Caribbean: Tuquoise, Tropical, & Lobster

    The excitement of the F&W Festival shifts into first gear today by celebrating our host region of the world, the Caribbean. Satisfy your Caribbean curiosity and join in the tropical fun all day long while we take you on a flavorful journey that exemplifies the riches of these beautiful paradise islands. 


    - Caribbean Cook-off Preliminary rounds in the Main Theatre 
    Celebrity BBQ on the beach with special guest grill masters, Ted Reader from Toronto and Tim Grandinetti from Winston/Salem at 12 Noon
    - Mini chefs at 3:30 with special guest chef appearance by guest chef X (location to be determined)
    - French Tuesdays Lounge “Island Cocktail Party” at the Cielo Bar & Lounge at 7pm
    - Caribbean Lobster Dinner at the Samana Marketplace restaurant
    - Signature Wine Pairing Dinner* with Celebrity Chefs Jean Michel Bergougnoux & Philippe Ferret
    - After Hours Caribbean Party entertained by French Tuesdays and special guest DJ Pierre Zonzon 

    Saturday October 3rd

    Saturday October 3rdA Day in White


    - Cooking Demo with guest chef Gregorio Martínez at 11am
    The Coconut Grove Garden Party (More info) in the Palm Grove hosted by guest Chef Stefano La Cava
    - Mini chefs 
    - Food & Wine Exhibition 
    - Caribbean Cook-off semi-final and final rounds in the Main Theatre 
    - “Chocolate & More…” hosted by world champion pastry chef Stephane Treand at 7pm 
    - Aperitif with Rum tasting and Cigar exhibition 
    - Gala Dinner at the Samana Marketplace
    - Signature Wine Pairing Dinner* with Celebrity Chefs Mari Carmen Bonarelli & Louis Francois Marcotte 
    - French Tuesdays signature Lounge Party featuring special guest DJ 
    - “White” party at the Celeste Bar & Lounge 

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